Wellington Group review

Okay I think I may have gotten the due dates for these blogs switched around.  Our guest speaker and owner of PR firm Wellington Group visited two weeks ago but I was just going by our syllabus.

Anyway… the first confession I have to make is that I already forgot her name.  I could probably look it up but the thing is, I have a hard time with most public speakers who try to be hip with the crowd while slipping Jesus in their spiel.  That’s my personal opinion.  It just comes off as fake but I’m not discrediting her hard work in anyway, just her speaking style.    Rant.

SO.  Besides that, I have to say that I kind of saw my future in her the way she bumped into a million different jobs and hardships before she found her niche and what she was good at.  It made me feel a little better about not knowing what I was going to do.  I don’t think I would follow in her foot steps but I think a lot of people could find inspiration in what it took for her to reach her goals.  I learned the ol’ pull yourself up by your boot straps story but applied to the real world.


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