My career path is still largely uncharted but I’m not totally lost so I feel okay.  I haven’t changed my mind about what I need to do to get any job I want (video editing, photoshop, building a digital portfolio, ETCETERA)  But here’s the watered down version of what I want for myself

1.  Become more involved at my Internship at Dog and Pony

2.  Transmission Entertainment Internship in the Spring


4.  Stop being afraid of what I got and start writing more (extremely important)

5.  Travel for two months

6.  Get a job – I already have a job offer in LA with the only woman I really look up to but NYC is ultimately where I want to be.  Not making any decisions until next year though.

As far as the next six months go, I’m going to do all the fun stuff I’ve always wanted to do.  I’m going to start DJ-ing vinyl with my boyfriend and my friend, FINALLY learn Final Cut Pro and photoshop, get my documentary out on YouTube and submit it at film festivals, and start making a website/blog/portfolio thingy.  I’m going to start styling photo shoots more often too, which I’m really excited about too.  My spring classes are pretty exciting to me too.  I’m taking communication research, women’s issues in globalization, perspectives on atheism and another internship at Transmission.  Things are finally starting to come together the way I want.


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