Before and After

Although I don’t think I’ll ever be heavily involved in PR, taking the introductory class confirmed my suspicions that the more skills I have under my belt, the more likely I will get a job, and not just a job.  Maybe a job I like?!?!  Crazy to dream of in this economy, but teaching myself photo and video editing skills, social media tools, and how to write well can only help.

I guess the reason I don’t want to actually be a PR pro is because I have a hard time bull shitting.  Not that PR is all about hype and pitches but you do make a living making someone else look good or covering for them when things turn sour.  I’m sure that believing in your company or client helps a great deal in making the job easier and more enjoyable but it seems like you’re not always afforded that luxury.  When you work at a firm, you don’t choose your clients unless you work in-house.  I think everyone should learn how to write a press release or pitch a blogger or journalist but I just don’t think PR is for me. At least not yet.

I’m really enjoying social media because there are all kinds of tools you can use to track feed back and engage with customers and fans.  You also get to do fun stuff like compile mix tapes, plan parties, talk to sponsors and write blogs.  I’m afraid of my own writing but I think I’m always going to have a job where writing is involved and that’s okay.  I’ve always loved it but I’ve always feared it because I want to be as good or better than the people I read.  It’s a life time process though and I’ve finally accepted that fact so I can just write without feeling too much pressure.


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