Addicted to Podcasts

Not many people know this about me but I am a voracious listener of possibly the nerdiest podcasts known to man.  I subscribe to almost every show on Discovery’s How Stuff Works, most especially to Stuff You Should Know.  Self-proclaimed squares inform my inquisitive brain on how Einstein’s brain worked, how near-death experiences work, and how teleportations would work.  They also make the world a little bit brighter by explaining how micro-lending works and set up an account with Kiva where you can make a small loan as little as 25 dollars and you’re guaranteed to get it back.  The loans are sent to entrepreneurs in third world countries to start their own businesses.

It’s interesting how most of the talk radio shows have been and are still dying out.  It used to that just about anyone could have a talk show but as the airwaves phase out, it is increasingly becoming monopolized.  Podcast are a great way to keep the American show alive.  What’s more, it’s not just localized.  You can download or stream them from anywhere on almost any device.  They usually have their Facebook pages, blogs and video podcasts, which makes them all the more powerful.

I would like to know more about “How Podcasts Work” but I’d also like to learn about all the other things that make it successful like blogs and videos that keep people engaged in what they’re talking about.  I hope podcasts stick around for a while, I can’t imagine going to sleep without listening to how UFOs work as I fall asleep.


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