Credit for this recommendation goes out to Andrea Michnik.  When I got my social media internship at Dog and Pony, I asked her if she knew of anything that would allow me to post content from Pinterest onto our Facebook page.  You can easily do this with a FB profile but for some reason the FB pages are tricky… probably because Pinterest wants to make sure that an actual human is posting to an actual human’s FB profile.

DLVRIT.com was the answer I was looking for.  It took me a minute to figure how it worked but it turned out to be even better than I expected.  You can streamline your blog, twitter, and pinterest rss posts directly onto your facebook page or twitter using the dlvrit feed.  What’s more, you can track all your activity and feedback on the dlvrit dashboard.  The dashboard shows activity from all over the world, what percentage of feedback your posts have over 24 hour to 7 day to monthly periods.  I found it totally helpful in and easy to use for boutique social media.

Recent Stats!


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