Many Hats

I’ve always wanted a job where I can do everything I want to do.  I think working on an online magazine or doing social media for a store will allow me to wear many different hats including writing, styling, social media outreach, event planning, PR and making short videos.  I have an array of interests and capabilities and I feel like working on just one thing would become stagnant and I would lose interest and drive.  I want to be heavily involved in what I’m doing and that’s how I feel now at my current internship at Dog and Pony.  I’m an intern but I do the job(s) of a social media director, stylist, and event planner.

It’s awesome because I get to treat my internship like it’s my own career baby.  Any idea I have for engaging customers with the store and store culture is always approved.  We’re putting a store mix CD out in December and it’s my job to come up with the artwork, find the bands, and distribute it, all of these things pertain my interests and I love being able to see a successful final product.  I get a lot out of music, art, design, and making people happy.  Not that anyone else’s satisfaction should necessarily be a product of music or art but it’s such a good vibe to see people having a good time or enjoying something that you’ve made or are responsible for.

You definitely have to be interested and invested in who or what you’re working with.  In my internship, you can’t afford to avoid anyone because whoever you’re working with knows someone else who knows someone else, which could affect your ability to move up or network.


One thought on “Many Hats

  1. Brittany, your internship sounds like a lot of fun. I am also interested in event planning and I agree with seeing people having a good time knowing you made it happen. Also, knowing people who know people is a great way to get a job or at least another internship. Networking seems to be the best way to find a job and it is so easy for us to do that now especially with social media.

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