dead dead dead

Yes, social media is taking over the world and it’s becoming a major player in a PR agent’s tool box, but is it replacing the tradition press release?

Probably, but not yet at least.

They still have a wide relevant use when trying to get coverage in any publication but it’s no secret that people respond to Facebook, Twitter and the like more so than anything else.  The ancient technique of word of mouth is very powerful, and with users spending so much of their daily time on the web, it would be foolish not to use those sites to get the word out.

Promotion, market research, and customer outreach seems to encompass everything a PR agency needs but not quite.  There’s still the press, and that will never die.  And the press uses facebook too so the potential for reaching the targeted audience is now streamlined.  The press release won’t go away, it’s still needed but it’s getting a whole new makeover.


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